Computer Screens and Eyesight Problems

Are computer screens dangerous to our eyes? That’s a question I have asked myself many times. There are many studies that claim computer monitors can cause a variety of eye disorders. Computer screens are incredibly bright. In theory, a person who spends most of their day looking at a computer screen could be at risk for a variety of vision disorders. Computer screens give an unrealistic image of what is happening. The result can be a variety of problems such as blurred vision, double vision, and eye fatigue. 

BluEyeZone is a modern eyewear brand that offers the most functional and fashionable blue-light blocking glasses in the US. The aim of BluEyeZone is to educate busy professionals and avid amateur gamers on the importance of balance and a healthy diet when it comes to eyesight and the leading cause of eyesight degradation in the gaming community

BluEyeZone eyewear uses environmentally friendly and safe materials to create fashionable

yet helpful eyewear  merch and/or print items to help

  1. Gaming Enthusiast 
  2. Design Professionals
  3. IT Industry Professionals. 

understand and avoid major roadblocks while engaged in viewing digital devices both on and offline.

major roadblocks such as:

  1. Eye Fatigue
  2. Sleep Deprivation
  3. Computer Eye Syndrome
  4. Headache/ Migraines

This is for professionals/ anyone  who still cares about being fashionable yet are highly

aware of the value of their eyesight for maximum productivity.

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